Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Boy For Me and A Girl For You

It's a boy and It's a girl!

Well, it's yesterday's doctor visit we learned that we are having a son and a daughter! I am sooo very excited about this. The funny thing is our 4 year old daughter had already called this. She said weeks ago that she was having a brother and a sister. God heard her and He heard my prayer.

I've always wanted a son. I look forward to teaching him how to be a man. There are many things that I've always looked forward to doing with my son.
Things like taking him to the barber shop --> That reminds me of a time when I used to go to this particular barber shop in Maryland. I'd see this father and his young son (probably about 4 or 5 years old). The father would always be leading the son, who would "drag" in barely awake. One time the barber asked what was wrong with the boy and the father relayed the story of what he goes through everytime they have to go to the barber shop. He makes several attempts to wake his son up and when he finally sits up on the bed, he sits there crying for five minutes because he doesn't want to wake up. Somehow, that struck me as funny. Moving on...

I'll also get to teach my son to fish. I've looked forward to that Andy and Opie moment for many years and now l'll get to do all that!

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, Toys R Us online had a buy-one-get-one-free sale on Tonka trucks; the big metal ones reminiscent of the ones I grew up playing with in the 70's. We got two of them, but they've been sitting on a shelf, still in the boxes, ever since. Soon, there will be freedom for the Tonka trucks!

I look forward also, to having another princess in the castle! I wanted my daughter to have a sister to grow up with and now she'll have that. I've spent many an evening dancing with my daughter who was all dolled up in her princess gown with tiara. I'll have to split my time between the princesses! It can be done. We have the technology!

My wife is doing fine despite slight difficulty breathing and being tired, but these are par for the course. I ask that you pray for her and for our family!

Praise God for our daughter and son!


tAnYeTTa said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! :)

happybunny said...

Congratulations to you both - I have twin girls now 11 and they are so much fun. Having twins can be hard work but the laughs along the way soon take all that away. I cannot believe how quickly the time goes. I also have a 16 year old daughter and amazingly we had a baby boy last year so all different ages but lovely to have a boy amongst all the girls. May your wife get lots of rest and put her feet up whenever she can - I still remember the breathlessness and the lack of sleep. Take care xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats & God Bless!!,

I am 16 weeks pregnant now and due in Nov., I had an ultrasound at 7weeks 2 days that looks very similar to yours at that time. I have a feeling I might be having twins, dreams and I am quite large already and this is my first pregnancy. I will love to hear more about symptoms and signs between 7 weeks and 16 weeks. I will have another ultrasound July 1st and I can't wait to find out the gender.