Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's What Daddy's Do!

Daddy to the Rescue and Relishing His Role

God is so funny! He's also very timely. I was listening to the 1/18/08 Focus on the Family broadcast in which "Psychologist and author Kevin Leman was sharing amusing anecdotes laced with biblically-based wisdom from his book Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours" (quote taken from the broadcast description at Mr. Leman broke down while sharing his memories of giving his daughter away at her wedding and it made me think ahead to my daughters' weddings and how I'll behave. I found myself getting emotional here in the office. Then, the phone rings. Understand that it's Saturday, no one is in the office besides me and no calls come in except from home. I answer the phone and it's my 4yo daughter (going forward, referred to as "Penguin"). "Daddy, the TV is broken. I can't watch it. Fix it Daddy!" The irony of the timing of this call is not lost on me. Although my wife dialed the phone and had Penguin say what she said, the fact remains that this is how she sees her Daddy: The Fixer of Things Broken. When I think of this, it makes me smile. It's what Daddy's Do!

Twenty or so years down the road when my daughters prepare to exchange vows and become wives to two Godly men (required), I will "lose it" just like the speaker in the broadcast did. It's what Daddy's do!

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